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Risograph Printing

Risograph prints are bright, powdery and beautifully imperfect

At Eve Print Studio., we love Riso prints for the instantly recognisable, inimitable style.  A Risograph printer looks like an 80s photocopier, and behaves like a digital screen printing press.  It’s an unusual print method, which produces wonderfully unique art.

risograph drums

Originating from Japan

The Riso printer was originally intended to be used like a photocopier in establishments like schools and churches.  The unique, slightly messy (in a good way) print quality and introduction of bright inks, are a match made in heaven for artistic printmakers.

Printmakers will tell you that they love a happy accident, and Risograph printing means designing to avoid, but ultimately embracing a certain amount of tread, needle and smudge marks.  You don’t get the vibrant smack in the face fluoro inks, and interesting colour blends with any other print method. Riso printing is not for everyone, it’s a special members club and if you know, you know *winks*.

anthurium riso print risograph cards

Riso printing is eco-friendly

The Riso system uses plant-based inks and stencils called masters.  The master is wrapped around the spinning drum which pushes the ink through it, and onto the paper.  This is a cold process which consumes less energy than regular digital printing.  Couple this with sustainable paper stocks, and you’ve got yourself and environmentally friendly print method.

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